So in this box, you will find some information about me that I'm sure you don't care about.

My name is LINDSEY. I love MUSIC. I love CORVETTES. I love STAR TREK. I love SWEET TEA. I do NOT like STEAK. And TACOS are my comfort food. I'm a music-fanatic. I read comics, and love superheroes. I'm fascinated with the art of skateboarding, and with graffiti. I'm absolutely obsessed with corvettes. It's ridiculous. I love cats. People act like being an old lady with 20 cats is a bad thing.... I'd quite enjoy that. I don't care what people think, so think away. I write poetry. Though I've never written a happy poem; I write them from the heart. I take pride in my poems, I've actually won many awards for them. I'm a quote-junkie. I love VANS. As in the shoes. Though I also love 'get-in-my-van-vans.' (; Desandnate make me laugh, I love them. I love to laugh; I do so as often as possible. Go ahead... make my day. (: I like to be happy, and unlike most, it's something I have to strive for. Thank you for taking time to visit. Hopefully you won't be too disappointed.
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